Nomind(@nnomindd) cases are built with love by artist Julian Tan(@tulianjan) out of his tiny studio in Los Angeles, CA.

NM Cases are designed with the intention of portability and exploration in mind. All objects are designed to be beautiful but never impede in the discovery process of music making. It’s always ready when inspiration strikes, no matter where you’re at.

Portability and packability was important in this design. Inspired by the toughness and simplicity of ammo and weapon crates used in the World Wars, NM Cases ensure protection of your precious instruments from getting knocked about and accidently dropped when travelling from point A to B. Boxes are meant to show wear and tear over time, a nice “patina” to set your NM case apart from the next. Dents and scratches tell a story just as much as the music produced within! Thank you for looking, let me know if you have any questions and concerns.



  • Listing is for case only
  • Unique Camo Paint(colors may vary)
  • If you have a texture idea please share!
  • Hardware made in the USA, designed and assembled in the USA.
  • Made for power Polyend Anywhere, 4MS Row Power, etc.
  • 84Hp wide
  • Includes 40 3mm sliding nuts
  • Rails made by Syu
  • Built with high grade baltic birch
  • Paracord handle are rated at 550Lbs!
  • Easily customizable paracord handles
  • Lid cover allows for patch cables to stay patched
  • Heavy duty metal hardware
  • Stainless steel hardware/screws
  • All current and future cases will be built to be modular and stackable in many different options.
  • Looking damn cool with a unique one of a kind synth case ;)
  • Cases NOT water or small particle proof. There are no rubber seals so use it around rivers and sand dunes at your own risk.
  • External parts are reinforced from inside for added stregnth
  • Built by maker that has spent 5 years building crates and frames for major museums and artists in LA and NYC.




  • Baltic Birch
  • Stainless steel Twist Latches (USA)
  • Stainless steel screws (USA)
  • 2 x Synthrotek 3u 84hp rails (USA)
  • Rubber feet
  • Paracord
  • Brad nails


At the moment I am only building cases that are 84hp wide. If there are other sizes you need please let me know and I will keep them in mind as I introduce new products.

Currently cases will not include power. They are designed for portable eurorack solutions powered by products such as the Polyend Anywhere, 4MS Row Power, etc. Please ask me if you are wondering about size constraints. If you have a specific power supply you’d like installed inside, I’d love to discuss! If you need an increased depth please let me know.

For now, I am open to different paint colors for the box with an extra fee. Please msg me and we can talk about options.


After order please msg me with your color preference. Please allow 2-3 weeks for fabrication of cases as these are each built by hand.


3U_84hp Dimensions and Weight

Outer Dimensions:


  • 6.75in (h) x 18.75in (w) x 7in (d)


Inner Dimensions (excluding rails):

lower half:


  • 2.5in (h) x 17.15 (w) x 5.15in (d)




  • 2.25inin (h) x 17.15in (w) x 5.15in (d)





  • 6lbs




Designed and constructed by Julian Tan in Los Angeles, CA.

NMD_EC_3u84hp Black